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How to make every Bitcoin transaction anonymous? 

Nowadays, one of the main advantages of Bitcoin is its ability to quickly transfer large amounts of value around the world without intermediaries. Check how to do it securely in the article below. 

General information about Bitcoin cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is digital money that exists only on the Internet and has no physical expression. They use a special technology called blockchain to ensure security and confirm transactions. The unit of accounting for cryptocurrency is “coin” or “token”. It depends on the type of electronic money.

The value of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a subjective topic on which there are many different opinions. Of course, you can say that the market price of Bitcoin is its value. However, that doesn’t quite answer your question. Much more important is why people find it valuable in the first place.

Bitcoin is not controlled by any one person or organization, instead, it is supported by a network of users. One of Bitcoin’s most powerful and unique qualities is that transactions on its blockchain ledger are verified by a consensus of network members, usually with the help of bitcoin mixing, not by a third party or “trusted” authority.

The explanation of crypto mixer

Cryptomixers are software that serves as an intermediary between parties wishing to send and receive cryptocurrencies. For example, person A wants to send person B one Bitcoin (BTC); however, they do not want this transaction to be traceable.

Bitcoin mixing is easy. The easiest way to mix your coins is to run them through one of the mixing services. Some of them can be found on the open Internet, but there are also those that only work on the dark web. So, how does a reliable bitcoin mixer work in cryptocurrency? A coin mixer takes a user’s cryptocurrency and mixes it with other users’ cryptocurrencies. This creates a disorganized and untraceable pool of funds.

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