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Stay private and anonymous with the Bitcoin mixer

The use of Bitcoin mixers is becoming increasingly popular every year. It is because the anonymity of bitcoins is only conditional. Cryptocurrency addresses are tied to the identity of the owners of the coins, like all operations on the network, due to the publicity and immutability of transactions.

Bitcoin mixer – a new way to run transactions

The ability to verify all movements in the blockchain is necessary to protect Bitcoin from falsification and other criminal activities. Thanks to this, cryptocurrency is valued and in great demand since it is almost impossible to fake. But what made it possible to track all transfers on the blockchain puts anonymity at risk. If data has been stolen, email is most often at risk. A wallet address on the blockchain can be revealed and associated with a specific user. It led developers to the idea of a cryptocurrency mixing service and creating a Bitcoin mixer that allows cryptographic transactions with coins to be made securely. The main task of the platform is to make any transfer confidential, breaking the slightest connection with the person who owns the coins.

Types of mixer services

There are two main types of Bitcoin mixers:

  • The first (less popular today) is centralized services that involve sending bitcoins to a centralized intermediary and receiving your coins (minus a small commission) at the specified address but not at the addresses of other service users.
  • The second type is decentralized. This service does not need intermediaries. The latest software solutions allow you to achieve maximum privacy since none of the users saves or has access to the addresses involved in this operation.

To summarise, Bitcoin mixers contribute to greater privacy of BTC transactions, making it more difficult to track the movement of coins and identify owners.

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